Essential Oils CEO Mega Pak™


The Essential Oil CEO Pak™ consists of a variety of our best-sellers, including the Essential Results Now Kit, so that you can assess individuals seeking aromatherapy help, plus all of the new, specially-crafted blends. From helping with health concerns to improving cleansing processes to adding flavor to recipes, essential oils have a variety of uses. Contains: Welcome Kit, Essential Results Now Kit (To Be At Peace, Birch-Sweet, Marjoram-Sweet, Ravensara, Lemongrass, Cypress, Geranium-Rose), newest blends (Sweet Soothe, Comfort Touch, Relief, Earth Scent, Organ Master, XY, Heaven Scent, Physical Care), other essential oils/blends (Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Dill Blend, GI Purify, Black Spruce, Basil-Sweet, Green Mandarin, Jasmine, Frankincense & Lavender, Grapeseed Carrier Oil) and marketing materials (10 Essential Results Now Booklets, 25 Aroma Share Club Flyers, the Essential Results Now DVD, and an essential oil carrying case).

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